Watch: Monkey Checks Out Reflection in Bike’s Mirror, Viral Video Leaves Netizens in Splits

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Animals make up most of the cute videos on the internet and most of them go viral. A recent video of a monkey is the latest to catch the fancy of netizens where one particularly ‘dressy’ primate was seen checking himself out in the mirror on a motorbike.

The small clip shows the monkey sitting on a parked bike without a care in the world. The video shows the primate holding the handle of the bike when he sees there’s a mirror in front of him. For a moment, he looks shocked at his reflection thinking it is another monkey in the mirror but then seems to realise his mistake. He looks in the mirror as if checking himself out and then snaps at his reflection. He scratches his head in confusion and then hits the mirror, all the while still slightly dazed by it.

Incidents of primates often indulging in activities similar to humans have been captured and left netizens in splits. A viral video of a monkey enjoying his ‘favourite whiskey‘ while sitting inside a liquor shop from Madhya Pradesh’s Mandla earlier went viral and took social media by storm. The unusual customer at the liquor shop was more than welcomed by the shopkeeper who gave him a special entry to select his favourite drink.

Onlookers cheered for the primate as he opened the bottle before gulping the whiskey down. The shopkeeper is seen offering a biscuit to him but the animal appears to be more interested in the liquor.

Yet another video of a monkey cavorting and roaming around in coaches of a Delhi Metro train before settling on a seat also went viral on the social media. The incident took place inside the compartment on a train on the Blue Line of the network and ambled around in the coach and did playful antics, much to the surprise of the commuters. The monkey, however did not cause any harm to anyone and wasn’t spotted thereafter in the metro premises.

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